Integrated Therapy / Counseling in English

  • Psychodynamic (Depth) Therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral Therapy
  • Body-mind Therapy
  • Short-term solution focused Therapy


I collaborate with individuals, couples, and families as they adjust to change, learn to better cope with challenges, and reach toward their goals. With Depth Psychology as my theoretical background, I see emotional symptoms such as depressive and anxious moods as carriers of information that can provide valuable insight into self and life in general. In practice, I integrate this principle with practical evidence-based theories such as Cognitive Behavioral and Humanistic philosophies to design a treatment plan that will assist my clients with their unique experiences of mental, emotional, behavioral and life challenges.

I believe that the power of therapy can range from a dynamic function as a transformational tool to a constructive one of healing and repair. Whatever the case, as I join you in your journey, we will work together to design a therapeutic course that will be both challenging and rewarding for you in the short and long terms.

Unser Experte

  • Jason C. Kelley Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Clinical Psychology
    Pacifica Graduate Institute,
    Carpinteria, CA